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Connie L.

“Rob truly has passion for what he does but with a no bullsh*t clause built in. He will give you the respect you deserve when you truly work to attain your goals. He makes me want to do better and be better!! Not just because he trains me but because the way in which he trains me, he incorporates into his own life!! He truly “practices what he preaches” and that means a lot. I was a 45 year old menopausal woman with blood pressure issues and a mega attitude…. he took me on! With the guidance of my physician and his knowledge and training techniques I am now a 45 year old menopausal woman with her blood pressure in check and the attitude changed for the better!! Now I’m still one crazy Bi*#h!! But a healthier one reaching her goals thanks to Rob at Peak!!! It’s not about just taking your money and coming up with some quick fix!! He really wants and helps you gain the knowledge to make a true lifestyle change!! We have lots of laughs and a lot of cussing back and forth but I am so honored to call him my trainer and I thank him for kicking my ass every session and helping me be a better, healthier me both physically and mentally!!! Thanks Rob xo and thanks Peak!!”

Neal W.

“This is the real service Matty provides, I mean diet plans and workout plans are great and they can vary in quality based on who creates them, but I know a shit plan when I see one. But the fact that Matty provided me with an answer on how I could work out and focus on just the pain that I wanted without having to worry about the pain I didn’t, it was freeing in a way few people without injuries will know. I owe that all to Matty. Quite simply, the value he provides is that he isn’t just a trainer who designs workout and nutrition plans, he’s a movement specialist and can pinpoint minute flaws that make ALL the difference. It did to me.”

Marianne S.

“On a scale of 1-10 I would rate my few sessions at peak a 10 plus. You understood what both Rhonda and I wanted to accomplish and knew what our limits were and did not push us past them until we were ready. I tried gyms and other programs before peak and none of them gave me the feeling of accomplishment that I had with my sessions at peak. My only reason for not returning was my crazy work schedule and busy life with the kids. However I am starting a new job next week and am told I will have a schedule. I hope that will allow me to have the time to come back to peak and get back at reaching my goals.”

Dallas C.

“I’ve always been active and able to keep myself in okay shape, but having someone with expert knowledge (education and experience) to plan the exact types of exercise you should be doing really helps to push and gain those great results! I also enjoyed the fact that you would explain the reasoning and method behind the types of workouts you were providing. When doing movements such as the deadlift, I’m always discouraged that I’m doing it wrong so I really liked the fact that you would study my movements and help me where I needed work. I have done group training in the past (in groups as small as 3) where the guidance was just not there, but this is not the case at Peak and I think this is where your education really shows.”

Stephanie K.

“I started personal training with PEAK back in March, as they came highly recommended by a good friend. I had an initial session with Matty to discuss what I wanted to achieve with personal training and my specific goals. Matty really listened to everything I had to say and I really liked his approach; there was absolutely no pressure or pushy sales tactics, just a real conversation about how I could achieve my goals. I have a bulged disc in my back, that I am very cautious about and Matty is always very cognizant of that and asks during every exercise to see how my back is feeling. My training sessions push me farther than I ever thought possible and I always leave with tons more energy than I started with. That, in conjunction with training has been such a wonderful experience. It really feels more like a family and I couldn’t be more happier with my experience there!!”

Lisa R.

“I can’t possibly say enough good things about training at Peak! It is a great location, great facility and offers a variety of schedule choices – which is important when you’re working full time! Matty has a very thorough and sensible approach to training, and is a really supportive coach who takes the time to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your workout. It’s been a challenging, fun and rewarding journey so far, and I’m really looking forward to continuing my training at Peak! I would highly recommend it to anyone!”

Michelle V.

“I met Matty when he was teaching kickboxing. Once he started Peak, I followed. I wouldn’t train with anyone else. Matty, Whitney, & Rob are there for their clients 100%. I still kickbox, but with Matty’s help I have become so much stronger in mind body & soul. Everyone should be this lucky! Then again you can…just contact them you won’t regret it!”

Darlene H.

“Love….love….love this place. I attend the adult sessions 3 nights a week. Take it from someone who is “broken.” Matty, Whitney and Rob know what they are doing and are some of the best people in the fitness business and my doctor agrees 100%. Their attention to their clients is undeniable. They work with any condition and any fitness level. Such a great and comfortable atmosphere to work towards your fitness goals. I will never go anywhere else. You guys are stuck with me and Haydn forever.”

Darleen K.

“Something pretty cool has happened twice in the past two days. Yesterday I had a stranger ask me if I was a bodybuilder. Today, another complete stranger asked me what I do to work out, “it’s obvious you’re doing somethin.” Yep, I go to Peak. First time ever I have gotten comments like that.”

Movement, Fun, & Learning!

Peak! offers an After School Program for children & a Human Movement fitness program for adults