Private Training & Rehabilitation

One-on-one training with a Certified Kinesiologist in order to reach your health & wellness goals. Private training is the perfect service for those who are interested in moving better, getting stronger and physically fit, or even working on an injury or movement issue that prevents you from enjoying everything your body can do!

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Semi-Private Training

The perfect blend of private training and group classes. Semi-private training offers the best of both. Each package includes customized training programs based on your wants and needs. Each session is instructed by a Certified Kinesiologist to ensure that you’re moving properly. Each package offers different features ranging from bonus kickboxing classes for those who just need to move a little more each week, to group nutrition coaching, and premium features like private online coaching.

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Online Coaching

Learn the skills and habits necessary to achieve your goals without having to step foot in a gym. We place an emphasis on achieving your goals in a sensible manner with long-term success in mind.


After School Program

Our physical education-based after school program has the goal of promoting physical activity for life and learning to truly enjoy being active. Children love to run and play, so that’s exactly what we let them do. Whether it’s playing a structured game or free play, we encourage as much activity as possible both indoors and out!


Christmas, Easter, & Summer Camps

Much like our after-school program, all of our camps are designed to encourage lots of physical activity both indoors and out!


Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Flexible membership packages to suit all levels of training to help achieve your fitness goals