Get-to-Know-Peak-Family-Health-WellnessPeak! is on a mission to make physical activity a part of every Newfoundlander’s life. Our family health and wellness centre is staffed with coaches who are specialists in human movement. Read on to get to know more about Peak! Family Health and Wellness.

We offer programs focused on developing physically active lifestyles for all ages:

Private Training and Rehabilitation

If you have a specific fitness goal that you’re working toward, our private training and rehabilitation program might be the right fit for you. Perhaps you’re interested in moving better. Or your goal might be to get stronger and more physically fit. Private training is also an excellent service for you if you’re coming back from an injury or you have a movement issue that’s preventing you from enjoying life and everything your body can do. Sessions consist of one-on-one training with a Certified Kinesiologist. You determine the goal for your sessions; we’ll take care of the rest.

Semi-Private Training

Semi-private training blends private training and group classes into a personalized session. A Certified Kinesiologist customizes your training program based on your goals and how you move. Packages are customized and feature a variety of options, including bonus kickboxing classes or group nutrition coaching. We also offer premium services, like private online coaching.

Online Coaching

Online coaching is a flexible service for those who want to learn the skills and habits necessary to achieve their goals without stepping foot in a gym. We emphasize achieving your goals with sustainability and long-term success in mind.

After School Program

Kids love to run and play, so that is what we encourage them to do. Our after school program promotes physical activity for life and teaches kids to enjoy being active. Whether it’s playing a structured game or free play, we encourage as much activity as possible both indoors and out! In addition, we offer Summer, Christmas, and Easter Camps for kids.

To get started or to learn more about any of our program offerings, contact Peak! in Newfoundland today.