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September 2019

The Benefits of Group Fitness for Kids


As adults, we often look for new ways to mix up our workout routine to keep things fun, motivating, and challenging.When it comes to group fitness for kids, a set of very similar objectives apply. We want our kids to be active, but we also want to encourage them to have fun while they're participating [...]

The Benefits of Group Fitness for Kids2019-09-20T13:13:50+00:00

Do Fitness Trackers Help Your Training?


Fitness trackers can be a helpful tool to use when you're trying to get healthy and lose weight. They offer personal accountability and goal tracking, as well as group sharing options aimed at increasing your motivation by competing and challenging your friends and family. As the technology in fitness trackers has evolved, so have the [...]

Do Fitness Trackers Help Your Training?2019-09-20T13:12:35+00:00

August 2019

5 Elements of an Effective Cool Down


Once you finish a good workout, it’s tempting to move on to the next part of your day immediately. But the final component of any workout should be a proper cool down. While a warm-up is essential for preparing your body for activity, a cool down is a critical part of starting the post-workout recovery [...]

5 Elements of an Effective Cool Down2019-09-05T11:10:00+00:00

4 Elements of a Good Warm-Up


We know it’s tempting. You show up at the gym for your workout, and you’re ready to go. But first, you must warm-up. You might wonder why you can’t just get started? Well, it turns out that a warm-up is a critical part of any workout. Here are four elements of a good warm-up: 1. [...]

4 Elements of a Good Warm-Up2019-07-31T10:31:24+00:00

July 2019

4 Simple Tips to Promote Healthier Workday Habits


Building a consistent workout routine around getting to the gym a few times a week is great! But what are some other good habits you can create for the time you spend away from the gym? What about your workday habits? Most people will spend eight hours of each workday at their desks. What can [...]

4 Simple Tips to Promote Healthier Workday Habits2019-07-31T10:24:34+00:00

3 Ways to Get Out of a Workout Slump


Building a consistent workout habit has many physical and mental benefits. However, if you’ve been working out regularly for several weeks or months, it’s possible that you may experience a workout slump. If you’re feeling unmotivated or like you’re not making much progress with your fitness, here are three tips to help you get out [...]

3 Ways to Get Out of a Workout Slump2019-07-17T13:00:35+00:00

June 2019

5 Benefits of Semi-Private and Group Training Classes


If you’re looking for help in accomplishing your health and fitness goals, a semi-private or group training class might be just what you need. Here are five benefits of semi-private and small group training classes: 1. Technique and Form When you work out with a small group, the instructor can provide some individual coaching on [...]

5 Benefits of Semi-Private and Group Training Classes2019-06-19T10:44:13+00:00

4 Reasons You Should Strength Train


Along with endurance training, balance, and flexibility exercises, strength training should be part of any fitness habit or routine. The American Heart Association recommends strength training at least two days a week. And all you need are simple, weight-bearing exercises to get the benefits. Here are a few reasons why you should strength train: 1. [...]

4 Reasons You Should Strength Train2019-06-05T11:18:25+00:00

May 2019

7 Facts about Functional Fitness


We all have different reasons for working out. It’s pretty common to want to lose weight, increase your energy, and improve your overall health. Functional fitness training is a type of training that can help you achieve these goals and more. Functional fitness trains your body to perform everyday movements and activities with ease and [...]

7 Facts about Functional Fitness2019-05-21T08:44:37+00:00

Get to Know Peak! – Family Health & Wellness


Peak! is on a mission to make physical activity a part of every Newfoundlander’s life. Our family health and wellness centre is staffed with coaches who are specialists in human movement. Read on to get to know more about Peak! Family Health and Wellness. We offer programs focused on developing physically active lifestyles for all [...]

Get to Know Peak! – Family Health & Wellness2019-05-02T09:45:47+00:00