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Peak was formed by Matthew Glynn and Whitney Mullett in 2012. Matthew was completing his Bachelor of Kinesiology degree at Memorial University and decided to pursue a career in the health and wellness industry. Likewise, Whitney was completing her Bachelor of Physical Education degree at Memorial University and desired to work with children and inspire them to be physically active.

By July 2013, the company was incorporated and our first after school program began only a few months later. Peak struggled during its first few years, but we persisted and were fortunate enough to work with many wonderful children and clients, many of which are still with us today. Our current and future success is the result of providing a great service to the people who trust us with their health and their children. We cannot thank our clients enough for the wonderful opportunity and careers they have afforded us.


Peak! was started with the desire to create positive change in Newfoundland. Our aim is to improve levels of physical activity and health in both the children and adults. Through both our children’s after school and fitness programs, we help our clients feel excited about physical activity and healthy living. Additionally, we strive to ensure that our clients receive an amazing and professional service, while keeping a small town friendly feel. Physical activity and exercise feel so much better when you feel a real and personal connection with the people helping you.


Whether we’re talking about our After School Program or our Fitness Programs, Peak! aims to make fitness fun and enjoyable.

Our fitness programs aim to ensure all clients learn to develop healthy habits and behaviours, without the need to resort to extreme diets in order to achieve their goals. We want all of our clients to enjoy health and boundless energy.

The children in our camps and after school program already have boundless energy, so we want to help them find healthy ways to use that and enjoy active play as much as possible! In our programs, all children are given equal opportunity to enjoy games and activities.



We provide incredible service while creating and fostering positive relationships.


We promote physical activity and mental health awareness in our clients, employees and community.


We respect science and use the latest research for the betterment of our clients.


Matthew Glynn, Owner & Kinesiologist

Matty is a graduate of the Bachelor of Kinesiology program at Memorial University.

While his primary role within Peak! is training clientele within our Peak! Human Movement facility, he is heavily involved in providing transportation to the children’s program.

Matty specializes in helping women lose weight by creating sustainable changes in their lives. This is accomplished through creating healthy habits that can last a lifetime and without the use of any harsh dieting techniques.

Whitney Mullett, Children’s Program Manager

Whitney is a graduate of the Bachelor of Physical Education program at Memorial University.

She is incredibly passionate about her position at Peak and as a role model for the children. In addition to this, Whitney is very active with ultimate frisbee, volleyball, running and weightlifting!

Rahul Roy, Kinesiologist

Rob is a graduate of the Bachelor of Kinesiology program at Memorial University.

He specializes in Motor Vehicle Accident rehabilitation and is currently studying for the MCAT examinations to pursue his dream of becoming a physician.

Kristian Smith, After School Program Instructor

Kristian is a graduate from Memorial University holding a Bachelor degree in French and a minor in Mathematics.

She is an avid rock climber and has competed in multiple climbing competitions in Newfoundland and most recently in Nova Scotia! Kristian started working with Peak! in 2014 and has been an amazing coworker and contributor to our programs ever since.

Jessica Collins, After School Program Instructor

Jess started synchronized swimming when she was 9 years old. She has competed in the Atlantic, national, and eastern divisions, as well in the Canada games team in 2011 following the US Open in 2012. After a serious car accident that broke her neck, she had to give up swimming and then decided to become a Coach. Jess has now been coaching since 2011 and absolutely loves working with children. In the near future, Jess plans to pursue her education in child care.

Erica Traverse, After School Program Instructor

Erica has been dancing since the age of 3. She’s been involved in several styles of dance but pointe and lyrical are her favourites. In addition to this she use to be an assistant dance teacher at dance studio east and participated in several Etcetera productions. Also, Erica started modeling at the age of 18 and is currently signed with Eve Model Management.

Her future goals include moving away to further her modeling career, dancing full time, and eventually opening her own dance studio.

Movement, Fun, & Learning!

Peak! offers an After School Program for children & a Human Movement fitness program for adults