Peak! was started with the desire to create positive change in Newfoundland. Our aim is to improve levels of physical activity and health in both the children and adults. Through both our children’s after school and fitness programs, we help our clients feel excited about physical activity and healthy living. Additionally, we strive to ensure that our clients receive an amazing and professional service, while keeping a small town friendly feel. Physical activity and exercise feel so much better when you feel a real and personal connection with the people helping you.


Whether we’re talking about our After School Program or our Fitness Programs, Peak! aims to make fitness fun and enjoyable.

Our fitness programs aim to ensure all clients learn to develop healthy habits and behaviours, without the need to resort to extreme diets in order to achieve their goals. We want all of our clients to enjoy health and boundless energy.

The children in our camps and after school program already have boundless energy, so we want to help them find healthy ways to use that and enjoy active play as much as possible! In our programs, all children are given equal opportunity to enjoy games and activities.

“On a scale of 1-10 I would rate my few sessions at Peak! a 10 plus.”

Marianne S.
“My training sessions push me farther than I ever thought possible, and I always leave with tons more energy than I started with.”
Stephanie K.
“Peak! is a great location, great facility and offers a variety of schedule choices – which is important when you’re working full time!”
Lisa R.
“I wouldn’t train with anyone else. Matty, Whitney, & Rob are there for their clients 100%.”
Michelle V.



We provide incredible service while creating and fostering positive relationships.


We promote physical activity and mental health awareness in our clients, employees and community.


We respect science and use the latest research for the betterment of our clients.


Peak! started as a small fitness studio out of the basement of Rock Athletics (a local martial arts studio in Mount Pearl) with no more than sandbags and gymnastics rings. Peak! has since expanded to include a children’s program and continues to steadily grow to multiple locations.

Our children’s programs started when we recognized that physical inactivity was a major issue in youth, so we figured we could do our part by getting children active at a young age!

Our fitness programs are all tailored towards helping people achieve healthy lives through sensible dietary and lifestyle changes.



Movement, Fun, & Learning!

Peak! offers an After School Program for children & a Human Movement fitness program for adults